Doctor of Education

Doctor of Education

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Distinguish yourself as a leader in education

Are you looking to elevate or support your organization or educational institution using practical, research-based tools? Our Doctor of Education prepares you to use analytical, critical, and innovative thinking to improve performance and solve complex problems in education. This program does not lead to any educational licensure or certification.

Specialize your degree

To specialize your educational focus, you’re encouraged to take one of these four elective tracks:

Educational Leadership: Gain in-depth understanding of academic structure, school financing, policy-making and faculty — all while emerging as a leader who values diversity and academic integrity.

Curriculum and Instruction: Influence curriculum development and policy, and evaluate instructional and assessment methods to improve learning outcomes.

Educational Technology: Implement technologies that revolutionize the way students learn and integrate technology into curriculum.

Higher Education Administration: Gain a top-level view of the complex challenges facing educational communities — and gain the skills to address them through research, planning, fiscal oversight and outcomes assessment.

Distinctive learning model

Our unique Scholar-Practitioner-LeaderSM model separates us from other doctoral programs. It fits into every aspect of your doctoral studies, preparing you with the advantages of:

  • Scholarship – you’ll understand how to design research and use its data to solve root problems
  • Practitioners – you’ll learn how to apply your skills to solve problems in your organization or community
  • Leadership – you’ll develop leadership skills that help you change organizations and communities

Better doctoral experience

In 20 years of delivering doctoral education, we’ve come to realize that the doctoral journey can be very focused and personal, yet also lonely. That’s why we’ve restructured our programs to create a more supportive, motivating environment for doctoral students.

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll move through courses with the camaraderie and support of a cohort of students.
  • You’ll have dedicated faculty to explain the doctoral journey and provide feedback as you go.
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Course length:

8 weeks

Total credits required:


Max. number of transfer credits:


Requirements and prerequisites

You’ll need 54 credits to complete this program. Required courses may vary based on previous education or transferable credits.


You’ll begin the dissertation  process in your third course and follow a schedule of milestones throughout your program. This makes your dissertation doable in smaller segments and helps identify any research methodology challenges early, so there are no surprises or delays at the end.


While some doctoral programs require on-campus residency, we’ve shifted to an 8-week online Symposium. In the required course you’ll:

  • Receive a detailed overview of each milestone in the doctoral journey
  • Understand what the University expects from doctoral students
  • Understand what doctoral students can expect from the University

Doctoral students may also enroll in an optional, zero-credit, zero-tuition/fee one-weekend seminar in Phoenix, Ariz. The seminar provides an opportunity for personal interaction with faculty and peers as well as instruction around the framework of your dissertation.

Transfer credits

Earn your degree faster. Current doctoral students from an accredited university or college may be eligible to receive up to 27 credits based on previous doctoral coursework.

Core courses

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Introduction To Education Administration In Doctoral Study edd700
Social Contexts And Contemporary Issues edd711
Leadership Theory And Practice ldr711a
Research Conceptualization And Design res709
Symposium I doc714s
Qualitative Methods And Design res724
Statistical Research Methods And Design I res710
Instructional Leadership edd724
Educational Technology Research edt711
Instructional Media And Design Techniques edt723
Integrating Technology And Curriculum edt732
Technology Leadership edt733
Curriculum, Developmental, And Learning Theories cur713
Curriculum Design cur721
Instructional Models cur722
Program Evaluation cur732
Leadership In Contemporary Organization edd712
Comparative Models Of Educational Environments edd714
The Legal Context Of Education edd722
Ethics And Values In Learning Organizations edd723
The Economics Of Education edd731
Evaluation And Assessment Methods edd733
History And Philosophy Of Higher Education hea711
Higher Education Law, Policy And The Regulatory Environment hea712
Higher Education Economics, Finance And Strategic Planning hea713
Academic And Student Affairs Administration hea722
Curriculum Development, Assessment, And Program Evaluation hea732
Student Development, Adult Education, And Student Diversity hea731
Doctoral Seminar I doc715
Doctoral Seminar II doc723
Doctoral Dissertation doc741
Symposium II doc719s
Doctoral Project IV doc742
Doctoral Dissertation doc741a
Doctoral Dissertation doc741b
Dissertation Continuing Enrollment II doc888
Doctoral Project IV doc742a
Doctoral Project IV doc742b
Project Continuing Enrollment II doc988

Projected job growth:


According to Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job opportunities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth for postsecondary education administrators is projected to be 7 percent from 2018 to 2028. A Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership can help prepare you to be a:

  • School administrator
  • Academic affairs dean
  • Academic affairs vice president
  • Academic dean
  • College president, dean
  • Dean of students
  • Provost

Networking opportunities

Access powerful networking tools through our PhoenixLinkTM career services platform. Take advantage of personal career coaching. Search and apply for jobs, or make your resumé visible to employers. And connect with employers and alumni through career fairs and mixers or with peers through the school’s Facebook® group for doctoral students. It’s all about connections. And we help you make them.

Learning outcomes

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learning outcomes.

Institutional accreditation

University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), Since 1978, University of Phoenix has been continually accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and its predecessor.

The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality. Accreditation is your assurance that the University meets quality standards.

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What sets us apart?

When you choose our Doctor of Education, you can:

Spread your dissertation out

You’ll research, write and defend your dissertation in manageable chunks throughout your program rather than saving it — and stressing about it — until the end.

Partner with dedicated doctoral faculty

You’ll work with the same Dissertation Chair and University Research Methodologist (URM) throughout your program, allowing for critical feedback along the way.

Work with a cohort of students

You’ll enjoy the camaraderie and community of being in a student cohort. Your cohort will move through the program together with the same Chair and URM.

Take the next step

It’s time to take your education to the highest level. You’ve got the will. And, by taking one course at a time toward a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership degree, you’ve got the way.

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